30 min Mini

An invigorating massage focusing on the neck, back and shoulders. Specifically designed for the muscles that accumulate stress and tension.

Member: $15. Guest: $35

Swedish 60min / 90min

Unique experience that combines a variety of techniques like stretching, acupressure points, Reflexology and Swedish massage, in synergy with aromatherapy oils that will help you balance energy from inside out. This wonderful therapy reduces stress, relaxes and restores your vital energy improving circulation. soothe, relax and let go.

Member: $35 –59 Guest: $79-100

Deep Tissue 60min / 90min

A deeper stronger and Invigorating massage combining different techniques. It eases muscle soreness and tired joints from over use or intensive exercise.

Member: $49 Guest: $99-129

Lymphatic Drainage 60min

Soft & Pulsating light massage for those who retain fluids, have venous insufficiency or cellulite; detoxifies the lymphatic system glands.Combined with aromatherapy for a holistic experience

Member: $39. Guest: $79

Massage Services

Sports Therapy 60min / 90min

Incorporates many sports related stretching, therapeutic techniques eases overworked muscles.

Therapist adjusts pressure to clients needs. Gives a feeling of total body rejuvination.

Member: $39-59. Guest: $79-109.

Mama Mio- Maternity / 60min

A light massage to take care of mom; lymphatic techniques on legs, to release retained liquids

Member: $59. Guest: $109.


Tandem / 60min

A wonderful extra that incorporates

Four Hot Hands for Added relaxation.

Member:$79. Guest: $149

Couples / 60min

Enjoy your relaxing massage experience with that special some one. A couples massage for two.

Member: $89 Guest: $179

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